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Douglas Posey, M.D.

Douglas Posey should not have succeeded.  Born into an impoverished black family in rural Mississippi, he possessed neither the means nor the connections to move up in the world. 

And yet through sheer will and determination, he managed to not only attend high school and college but also graduate from medical school.  A veteran of the United States Navy, he is today a semi-retired, physician, board-certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, transfusion medicine and forensic pathology.

From Mississippi to the Morgue is the story of how one black man was able to overcome the systemic racism and prejudice that has been woven into the fabric of America for more than 400 years.  But equally important, it is the story of human potential. 

As Douglas Posey writes in the book’s preface:


 Only through the belief in human potential can we turn young black men away from the autopsy table as well as the drugs, gangs and despair that so readily entrap them.  It was not easy for me and it will not be easy for them.  But with courage and determination we continue to move forward, drawn toward the light of a better day.

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