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From Mississippi to the Morgue is superb, honest and raw.  The book chronicles Douglas Posey’s journey as he fights to overcome the Jim Crow racism of Southern Mississippi and secure a better life. The chapters mirror the journey of a great man, accountable for his actions while always pushing forward to his next goal.  Against all odds, he graduated from medical school and served as a doctor in the United States Navy. 


For most professionals, this would have been achievement enough.  But not for Douglas Posey who continued to work tirelessly until he at last became one of the few black men in America to attain board-certification in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, transfusion medicine and forensic pathology

With intellect and insight, Dr. Posey takes us deep inside the African American experience.  He describes with great eloquence not only his early life in rural Mississippi and New Orleans but also a wide range of salient topics including the black roots of Jazz, the economics of slavery, the race riots in New York City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, blacks in the military, and the birth of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Douglas Posey’s life personifies one of my core beliefs: that time, patience and perseverance accomplish all things. His book should be required reading for young women and men of all races. I am proud to know this great man, and call him my friend.

                                                            Dr. Andrew Martin MD, JD

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